The activity of Fabryka Elementów Napędowych „FENA” Sp. z o.o. (LLC) has been directed at satisfying customers’ needs and demands, offering them advice and experience in terms of designed and manufactured elements of machines, clutches and brakes for various industrial applications in particular.

The trust and satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, employees, and other strategic or trade partners, gained through our activities in the last several hundred years, is considered the highest value by the Management Board and employees of Fabryka Elementów Napędowych „FENA” (LLC). The cornerstone of this trust are our commitments for:

  • the continuous improvement of the quality of products
  • professional customer service
  • the fulfilment of activity-related legal requirements and other requirements.

Because of the fact that we are a company originated from strongly-industrialised region of Upper Silesia, environmental issues are of particular interest to us. Therefore, our goal is also to reduce our impact on the environment through constant techonological development and production management and we oblige ourselves to:

  • the prevention of environmental pollution
  • the continuous improvement of the environmental effects of our activity.

Moreover, we declare:

  • the continuous development of the effectiveness of our integrated quality management and enirvonmental management system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and PN-EN 80079-34, for R&D, production and sale of Ex products, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • cooperation with customers based on trust and mutual benefit
  • monitoring the needs and potential expectations of end users
  • the recruitment of qualified staff and the constant raise of their qualifications
  • building awareness that quality and impact on the environment is within the responsibilites of each and every employee
  • an appropriate choice of suppliers ensuring the meeting of certain quality and environmental protection requirements
  • the continuous development of implemented processes and manufactured goods in an environmentally-friendly way that enables the company to achieve higher level of customers’ satisfaction.

The Management Board of Fabryka Elementów Napędowych „FENA” (LLC) ensures that the commitments included in ‘Quality and enironmental management policy’ are known, understood, and followed through in every area of our activity and communicated to the interested parties.

Świętochłowice, 31.01.2018

Jerzy Krzyżowski