Fabryka Elementów Napędowych FENA Sp. z o.o.

AHS rail brakes with electrohydraulic thrustors of ZE type are adjusted to cooperation with lateral surfaces of traffic rails on which throw-off carriage of the conveyor moves. They are going to prevent the movement of the carriage in the result of forces coming from for example the belt of the conveyor (with turned on drive of the carriage).

Braking torque is created by the spring inbuilt in the body, which through the compound lever causes pressing down of the brakes shoes to the lateral surfaces of the rail head.

Turning the voltage supplying the thrustor on starts the motor and the pump forcing the oil under the piston of the release which causes that the piston moves up and the brake is released.

Turning off the supply causes that the piston moves down (under the influence of the spring inbuilt in the thrustors) and the brake is applied.

The speed of raising or falling of the piston can be adjusted through the use of the valve delaying the falling or raising of the piston.

ZE thrustors can be equipped with inductive sensor of piston rod position mounted outside or with external mechanical switch signaling upper or lower position of the piston rod.

Abovementioned sensors and switches require appropriate source of supply.

The details of brake manufacture because of different constructions of the carriages are established individually.