Fabryka Elementów Napędowych FENA Sp. z o.o.


The device is intended for locking the shaft gates opened manually. The OEZWS-2 locks are designed for safe use in underground and ground mines exposed to the threat of methane or coal dust explosion in the I M2 zone.An electromagnet is used in the lock blocking the lock mechanism thus preventing the opening of the shaft gates from the outside when control voltage is off. It can be unblocked electrically by providing voltage to the electromagnet coil and the following conditions must be met at the same time for this:

  • authorisation for the given signal station
  • presence of cage on the given station
  • braking the hoisting machine

In addition, the lock design allows to unblock the lock mechanically in the following cases:

  • by the signal person, from the side of the cage
  • in emergency from outside by breaking the laden seal and pressing the button