Fabryka Elementów Napędowych FENA Sp. z o.o.


ZHT-1 disc brake assembly consists of a hydraulic aggregate and a few ZH-1 disc brake callipers attached to it (varying number depending on the required braking torque and diameter of brake discs). Springs inbulit in the callipers cause the brake disc shoes to clamp, whereas forcing oil under pressure draws them aside and enables unrestrained rotation of the brake disc. The use of one hydraulic aggregate supplying a few callipers enables simultaneous control of the braking process. Depending on the aggregate type, it is possible to apply quick or gentle single-step braking or two-step braking with the possibility of adjusting the threshold between the steps and the possibility to set (by supplying voltage to an appropriate solenoid valve) the starting point of the second step of braking. Callipers may be equipped with a brake release sensor and a lining wear sensor signalling the need to adjust the calliper or, in case of the friction lining reaching its minimal thickness, signalling the need for its replacement. The aggregate may be equipped with a threshold pressure sensor, which signals reaching (exceeding) the pressure value set on the sensor (which can indirectly be used as information about the release of the callipers).


ZHT-3 disc brake assembly is intended for braking conveyors in specified (set up by the staff in the control system) time, regardless of the level to which it is loaded.

It consists of a hydraulic aggregate, ZH-3 callipers (the callipers equipped with the hydraulic brake lining wear compensation system and ATH brake control system. This system co-operates with the belt conveyor automation system and enables the process of applying and releasing the brake and controls proper operation of the system. On the basis of the current rotational speed of the brake disc and given braking time it controls the braking force so that the braking time is equal to the time set by the staff, regardless of the conveyor being loaded or empty.