Fabryka Elementów Napędowych FENA Sp. z o.o.
  • The coupling is limiting the value of the transmitted torque to the safe value – when the set lost motion is obtained and friction pads are slipping
  • The slip torque is adjustable by tightening or loosening the adjusting nut thus deflecting the coupling compression spring and hence changing the friction moment of pads (the slip torque should be lower than the moment insecure for the machine and, accordingly, higher than the nominal moment to prevent slipping in the case of standard exeedance of the nominal moment predictable for work cycle, e.g. during start-up. If the machine is overloaded and the overloading is not released by itself, an automatic or emergency drive disengaging system by the operating staff should be provided)
  • The ASN type flexible pad has been additionally used in the APMX coupling that is capable of damping the torsional vibrations and compensating the misalignment errors of the joined pins

chain drives, gear drives and belt drives, belt conveyors, coal heading machines, coal ploughs, excavators and spreaders, other machinery and equipment

SLIP MOMENT: 50 ÷ 2 100 Nm (basic range)