Fabryka Elementów Napędowych FENA Sp. z o.o.
  • Simple and compact design
  • Flexible to torsion
  • Transmits high torques with small dimensions
  • Damps vibrations and compensates deviations in the position of joined pins
  • Service-free
  • Low moments of inertia
  • Resistant to oils, grease and fuels

pumps, fans, belt and roller conveyors, cranes, stirrers, other machinery and equipment

NOMINAL TORQUE: 10 ÷ 8 550 Nm



  • ASR flexible couplings
  • ASRX flexible couplings
  • ASRT flexible couplings
  • ASRY flexible couplings
  • ASR-SBH brake couplings
  • ASRZ-SBH brake couplings
  • ASR-STH disc couplings
  • ASRZ-STH disc couplings
  • ASRY-STH disc couplings
  • Phenomenal acceleration, ASR-F flexible couplings