Rail clamps


Rail clamps are designed to work with side surfaces of the running rail heads. Their purpose is to prevent displacement of a machine caused by external forces, while in standstill (e.g. wind in the case of cranes or forces exerted by a conveyor belt in the case of throw-off carriages). They prevent the machine from moving once it has come to a standstill, independently of the brake installed in the power transmission system of the travel mechanism. They are not designed to brake a machine in motion (unless agreed in advance). The drive control system should be designed in such a way that the drive motor is started when the brake shoes are open, i.e. after confirmation of brake release by the brake release sensor fitted on the clamp, and braking is achieved once the machine has come to a halt.

The clamps are fitted with guiding rollers, adjusting their position so as to prevent the friction lining of the brake shoe from rubbing against the rail head while in motion. It is recommended to use the clamps symmetrically on both rails.

To ensure correct operation, it is necessary to select the appropriate size of the clamp. The mechanical connection can be adapted to the user's existing structure and, due to design differences, is determined on an individual basis.

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